Other Careers For Teachers

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve received many emails and DMs from teachers questioning if the coronavirus pandemic requires them to stop their job search. It was important for me to research and consult with industry experts before making any statements or suggestions. First things first, should you still be applying for other jobs? Yes, […]

Job searching during coronavirus

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When I started selling products on TPT in my online store Kitten Approved Curriculum, I had no idea how much it would change my life. The passive income I receive from my online store continues to amaze me, even though I am not actively working on it. In addition to the money, it showcases my […]

How To Start Selling Products On TPT

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Why Should You Create A Digital Course? I never thought I would create a digital course, but after some motivation I decided to try it out. The time is right for digital courses because E-learning is climbing to a $325 billion industry by 2025. I created my digital course to help teachers transition out of […]

Why Teachers Should Create A Digital Course