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Other Careers For Teachers

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Are you thinking about quitting teaching mid-year? If breaking your teaching contract is on your mind, you’re not alone. As it turns out, in some districts, upwards of twenty-five percent of teacher turnover comes from teachers quitting their jobs mid-year.  Regardless, whether you are thinking of leaving at the start, middle, or end of the […]

Quitting Teaching Mid-Year; Is It The Right Choice?

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I’ve created this blog to help you understand how other careers’ pay will compare to your average teacher salary. Please note, this is just a general guide. Your Starting Average Teacher Salary If you have been in the workforce for more than five years, then you should not expect to take an entry-level job or […]

Will I Make More Than My Teacher Salary In A New Position?

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More and more teachers are working from home. Whether you have left for a new remote position, building up your side hustle, or have been asked to begin remote working, working from home can be a challenging adjustment. It sounds SO AMAZING, but it was a huge shift for me after I left teaching. Because […]

Teachers Working From Home: 7 Tips for Working Remotely