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Empowering teachers to transform their lives through career and business coaching.

Whether it was another teacher's recommendation, searching "other jobs for teachers," or pure chance that brought you, I'm SO happy you found me. 

I was in your shoes before. Back when I was contemplating my transition out of the classroom, there were virtually no resources to support me. Eventually, I landed positions I loved in educational consulting and instructional design and started my own business. 

My mission is to build the community and support that I wish I had years ago and to help you be successful.

Whether you're looking to start a transition out of teaching or curious about building a profitable side-hustle, I'm going to be your go-to gal. 

There's a reason you've discovered this website.

Hey there! I’m Daphne

In my professional life, I have worked as both an instructional designer and an educational consultant and even spoken at national conferences for large educational companies. 

While working outside of the classroom, I became passionate about building passive income streams. I created side projects that have earned me over six-figures through blogging, Teachers Pay Teachers, digital course creation, and affiliate marketing. 


severe teacher burnout

I left the classroom after years of

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Learn the top business ideas for teachers and get tips to start your own

Learn at your own pace with resources on career transitions and business creation explicitly created with teachers in mind. These highly engaging lessons are presented by Daphne and have been developed by multiple career industry experts, expert resume writers, former teachers, and business owners. 

Check Out These Step-By-Step Digital Courses For Teachers 

Step-By-Step Digital Courses 

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It takes a special person to be a teacher. We are passionate about teaching and care about shaping the young minds of the future. But what if teaching isn't enough to fuel all of your passions in life? What if you can't afford to be a teacher anymore? What if you feel undervalued and under-appreciated?

Side Hustles for Teachers

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What jobs for former teachers are out there? Many teachers find themselves suffering from burn out or unhappy in their career choice. “Now what do I do?” When this happens, teachers can often find themselves feeling lost and aimless without a clear path on how to transition into something else...

Jobs for Former Teachers

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve received many emails and DMs from teachers questioning if the coronavirus pandemic requires them to stop their job search. It was important for me to research and consult with industry experts before making any statements or...