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Best Part-Time Jobs For Teachers

Abbey Vogt

I know; teachers already have a lot of responsibility with their full-time job. Yet, teachers are more likely to add a part-time job to their plate than the average full-time employee. Some teachers look toward part-time jobs for a little side cash. Others use them as a way to do more of something they’re truly passionate about. Teachers considering leaving the classroom might use a part-time job to gain new skills and explore other opportunities.

Whatever your reasoning behind searching for the best part-time jobs for teachers, I’ve put together a list of some of the best part-time jobs that easily fit into a teacher’s schedule.

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Benefits Of Part-Time Jobs For Teachers.

Part-time jobs for teachers are a great source of extra income. (Unfortunately, that’s a common need in this profession.) Making extra cash with a part-time job can relieve financial stress and help you achieve your financial goals faster. Maybe you’re looking to pay off debt, save up for a big purchase, or add to a retirement or savings fund. Every little bit counts.

However, the benefits go beyond extra cash flow. 

Considering A Career Change? 

Part-time jobs for teachers are also a great stepping stone to prepare to take the leap into a new career. For example, it’s an opportunity to explore passions old and new, add more experience to their resume, and learn new skills. If you’re even considering leaving the classroom, a part-time job is a way to test the waters of other potential career paths. You can build upon your transferable skills for your career change and make some extra money in the process—all while you’re still in the classroom.

Many teachers find this to be a great way to build up to their career change in terms of skills and confidence. It also helps build a cushion to ease any financial worries you may have about leaving the classroom. Truthfully, unless you have 3 to 6 months’ worth of living expenses saved up, going the route of a part-time job while you’re still teaching is the best way to dip your toes into something new before diving all the way in. 

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Part-Time Jobs For Teachers.

There are several part-time jobs for teachers that require skills you likely already have. You might even pick up a skill or two, or simply fuel a passion, as well. While some of these jobs are centered around education, there are others that provide a break from the academic setting. 

  • Tutor: As a teacher, you already have the necessary experience and skills to succeed as a tutor. You can tutor 1:1, a small group, or start a tutoring side-hustle with a handful of clients. On average, teachers charge $30 to $50 an hour for tutoring. You can even target your ideal clients by specializing in a specific subject area and age group.
  • Test-Prep Tutor: As the name implies, est-prep tutors focus on testing material and strategies. This is a great opportunity if you like working with older students preparing for SATs and other admittance exams. The best part? It’s one of the highest-paying tutoring jobs, with teachers charging upwards of $60 per hour. 
  • Educational Consultant: Educational consulting is a great way to tap into your teaching, administrative, and presentation skills. Generally speaking, you can expect to provide guidance and help make decisions and improvements in both school and corporate settings. While the specific role and duties vary, be prepared to offer a critical eye throughout the design and implementation process of learning and training materials. 

Part-Time Jobs For Teachers: Beyond Education.

  • Fitness Instructor: If you thrive in leadership positions and have a passion for fitness, this is a great option. From yoga to spin class, and everything in between, you can fuel your passion for fitness while helping others do the same. Check out clubs like Orange Theory or your local YMCA for opportunities. 
  • Event Planner: This is a part-time job for teachers who are highly organized and have an eye for detail. Event planning requires communication, problem-solving, and people skills that teachers often have. If you love throwing parties and organizing events at home or school, it just might be time to start charging for that service. Alternatively, you can learn the ropes by working for an established event planner. 
  • Photographer: If you love serving others, consider helping them capture some of their greatest moments with photography. There are many ways to niche down in this industry, from wedding photographers to brand photographers. Teacher or not, most full-time photographers started out with a side-hustle. So, who knows where this passion could lead you. It’s worth considering if you have an eye for details and are always snapping photos. 
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Part-Time Jobs For Teachers Online. 

One of the many things the recent pandemic has taught us, it’s that there’s an entire world of work opportunities online. There are several options that make great part-time jobs for teachers. That means building skills and earning cash from the comfort of your own home. (Or wherever you want!)

Many of these online opportunities can come in the form of freelancing. That means you have the ability to take on projects with who you want and when you want.  While it might take some time to build up your freelancing portfolio, it’s a great part-time job for teachers looking for flexibility. With freelancing, you can take on more projects when you have more time, like school vacations and summer break. Then you can take on fewer commitments during busier seasons, like the end of the quarter, semester, or year. 

Education-Related Part-Time Jobs For Teachers Online Opportunities.

  • Online Teacher: Online teaching is a flexible part-time job for the teachers who truly love what they do and want more of it! Nowadays, there are plenty of educational institutes that look for educators to run their online courses. Courses range from subject-specific to skill-based. You can even find opportunities to teach English to ESL learners. Regardless the content, most programs offer engaging curriculum, flexible hours, and free training resources. All you have to do is show up and do what you love best—teach! If you love teaching but want a break from academia, you can create a digital course to spread your love and knowledge for pretty much anything. 
  • Instructional Designer: Instruction design is a growing part and full-time job for teachers. It’s great for tech-savvy teachers with a passion for creating engaging learning materials. First, Instructional Designers work to find performance, skill, and knowledge gaps of a certain population. Then, they create or suggest engaging learning experiences as a solution. Many teachers are surprised to find just how much overlap there is between ID in the corporate world and classroom pedagogy. Listen here to learn why teachers make such great Instructional Designers.
  • Curriculum Writer: As a teacher, you already have experience with creating curriculum materials and assessments for your own class. In this role, help education companies writing and reviewing their materials to ensure they align with learning goals. You can also help in other industries by writing and revising training and PD materials. Curriculum writing is all about breaking down larger concepts into smaller pieces. 

Part-Time Jobs For The Creative Teacher Online.

  • Copywriter/Editor: Call me biased, but this is a great part-time job for teachers with strong communication skills and command of the English language. You’d be surprised to know how much people are willing to pay for the right words. If you’re unsure where to start, consider looking for opportunities where you can position yourself as a subject matter expert in the subjects you teach or education in general.  Hear my story going from teacher to freelance copywriter here! 
  • Graphic designer: Graphic designing is a great part-time job for the creative tech-savvy teacher. More specifically, a graphic designer is tasked with creating visual concepts using computer software. You can create and sell your own typography or fulfill the design needs of brands and businesses. When working with businesses, your goal is often creating graphics that inspire or inform a target audience. If you find out you have a knack for this field of work, it’s possible to go from teacher to full-time graphic designer
  • Online Store Owner: If there’s something you love to create, chances are you can sell it online. For example, Etsy has quickly become the go-to place for crafty teachers to make extra money. You can sell everything from jewelry, candles, cards, home decor, and more. You can also make money selling digital items you’ve created for your classroom! Teachers Pay Teachers is a great way for teachers to earn extra income while helping other educators. Learn more about setting up your Teachers Pay Teachers store with this post.

More Part-Time Jobs For The Teacher Online

  • Social Media Manager: This is a great part-time job for teachers who love staying up-to-date on social media trends. A social media manager helps businesses and brands manage their social platforms in order to grow their business and engage with their online community. Duties vary but may include writing and scheduling posts, responding to comments and DMs, greeting graphics. If you’re looking for something more specific, you can specialize in a popular segment like Facebook Ad management!
  • Virtual Assistant: With online businesses on the rise, a lot of people are looking for VAs to help keep things running smoothly. It’s a great part-time job for teachers who are highly organized and able to juggle several things at once. While specific duties vary from client to client, you might be asked to create graphics and post on social media, respond to emails and schedule meetings, or enter data to track metrics. It’s a great way to learn the behind-the-scenes operations of a small business. 
  • Bookkeeper: Bookkeeping is a part-time job for teachers who are detail-oriented and comfortable with technology. Despite common misconceptions, you don’t have to be a math whiz to be a successful bookkeeper. It’s more about learning bookkeeping software than anything else. Plus, it offers flexible hours and hourly rates starting at $25 per hour. Learn all about why teachers make great bookkeepers here

What to Consider Before Looking For a Part-Time Job. 

Let’s be real here. Teachers already have a lot on their plate. So, before you dive into a part-time job, consider the roles and responsibilities carefully. I recommend finding a part-time job for teachers that you enjoy doing if you can. However, if you’re looking for a part-time job solely out of financial need, you have to do what you need to do.

You know your situation best. So, if you are already on the brink of burnout, you don’t want to find a job that’s going to put you over the edge. If there are tutoring opportunities available but you’re craving something outside of education, weigh the pros and cons.

Consider your reasons for getting a part-time job in the first place. Ask yourself: What is the ultimate goal? Do you want to focus on your favorite aspects of teaching? Are you looking to gain experience in a new industry? Learn marketable skills? Let the answers to those questions guide you in your search for the right part-time job for you. 

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