Tech Jobs for Teachers

Tech Jobs For Teachers: Top 5 Career Pivots 

Abbey Vogt

Many teachers interested in a career transition want to know how to use their technology skills outside of a classroom setting. If you love technology and are looking for a new path, read on for the top 5 tech jobs for teachers. 

Tech Jobs For Teachers: Your Translatable Skills 

Technology is all around us, especially in today’s schools. Creating lesson plans, presenting, recording grades, communicating with families, and providing student feedback all require some form of technology these days. Tech companies have positions teachers can fill, and other companies have positions that are tech related. Tech jobs for teachers can feel like a natural transition for those who love to use technology in the classroom. 

As a teacher, you most likely have a lot of experience with technology. Therefore, if technology is something you enjoy, there are tech jobs for teachers for which your skills will translate. Teachers are great problem solvers and communicators and also have experience with assessment and organization. Tech jobs for teachers require the obvious technology proficiency along with skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and attention to detail. 

Top tech careers for teachers

Top 5 Tech Jobs For Teachers 

1. UX Designer 

A UX (user experience) designer’s role is all about creating a positive user experience. This includes designing the interfaces people interact with, such as mobile apps, websites, and physical products. Additionally, UX designers focus on the development of new products along with the branding and marketing. This is one of the tech jobs for teachers that many people overlook or don’t know much about. 

Teachers often gather feedback from students and families, which is also something involved in UX design. The role requires looking at insights and research to find solutions and design the best possible product for the user. Also, UX designers collaborate with product owners, clients, developers, and a team of other designers. Teachers can come into this role with collaboration and communication skills from working with teams, grade levels, families, students, and administration. Given all these translatable skills, UX design is undoubtedly one of our top recommendations of tech jobs for teachers. 

For more information on transitioning to UX design, check out Teacher Career Coach Podcast Episode 55 Brittini Fisher: From Teacher To UX Designer

2. Instructional Designer 

Instructional design is one of the most sought-after careers for former teachers. Designing and developing content to aid in instructional purposes is something teachers already do every day. Therefore, doing the same, but outside the school setting, can be the perfect fit. Those who enjoy creating content and working with technology should explore the possibility of instructional design as one of the best tech jobs for teachers.  

Much like teachers, instructional designers must conduct needs assessments in order to create the best possible instructional materials. This can include presentations, courses, handouts, guides, and more. Another translatable skill is evaluation. Both teachers as well as instructional designers must evaluate the effectiveness of training and assess the learning that occurred. Out of all tech jobs for teachers, instructional design is often the most popular. 

For more information on transitioning to instructional design, check out Teacher Career Coach Podcast Episode 9 Dr. Robin Sargent: Why Teachers Make Great Instructional Designers

3. Software Engineer 

If you are open to learning something new, one of the tech jobs for teachers we recommend is software engineering. Software engineers create computer systems and applications. They solve problems with software by writing code, working on projects, and collaborating with a team. Software engineering, like teaching, requires problem solving and logical thinking.  

While transitioning from classroom teaching to software engineering is possible, it will require some upskilling. There are online bootcamps and coding courses you can take to prepare for this type of role. Out of all the tech jobs for teachers we recommend, software engineering seems the most intimidating to a lot of people. Don’t sell yourself short! All it takes is learning a new skill, which you are completely capable of doing.

For more information on transitioning to software engineering, check out Teacher Career Coach Podcast Episode 6 Jessica Wolvington: From Teacher To Software Engineer

4. Front-End Developer 

Front-end development is one of the tech jobs for teachers that falls under the larger umbrella of software engineering. This role, just like software engineering, includes writing code and developing websites and applications. You may be wondering what “front end” is referring to. A front-end developer creates the graphic elements that a user directly interacts with (on the “front end” of a website). This role works closely with UX designers. 

Just like in software engineering, there will be new skills to learn. Coding courses or bootcamps will be a great way to prove your value to a prospective employer. Those teacher skills of problem solving, attention to detail, and organization will translate nicely into front-end development. If writing code interests you, there are other tech jobs for teachers to explore within the field of software engineering. 

For more information on transitioning to a front-end developer role, check out Teacher Career Coach Podcast Episode 59 Junior Frontend Developer With Bonnie Hanks

5. Tech TOSA 

Finally, if you are interested in tech jobs for teachers within a school district, then I recommend exploring tech TOSA positions. TOSA stands for “teacher on special assignment.” This position works within a school district, creating tech resources and training teachers on educational technology. In some districts, this type of role may be called technology specialist, instructional technology specialist, or technology coordinator. 

This is one of the tech jobs for teachers that would be an easier transition. Your skills from the classroom would seamlessly translate into a tech TOSA position. Focus on your skills and passion for ed tech and your ability to help other teachers with different technology platforms. 

For more information on becoming a tech TOSA, or other teacher support roles, check out Teacher Career Coach Podcast Episode 70 Teacher Support Jobs With Becky Keene From I2e

Tech Jobs For Teachers: Next Steps

If you are struggling to determine what tech jobs for teachers may be right for you, take our free career quiz to help you get started. 

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