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Side Hustles

Podcasting for beginners: 5 tips about launching your first podcast episode.
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Five podcast tips for beginners, plus a closer look at how to use your podcast to grow your community & deliver valuable content.

Podcast Tips for Beginners: 5 Essentials for Starting Your First Podcast

Business Ideas for Teachers: Free Ebook
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I often get questions or DMS about starting a side-hustle or creating a business similar to the Teacher Career Coach resources. I wanted to create a quick reference page filled with my favorite resources that I’ve used to run my own business and course I endorse from some of my OWN business mentors. This page […]

Starting a Business Resources

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Teachers have always been the most creative, resourceful, and hard-working people I know. As a former teacher, I embrace lifelong learning and continually teach myself new skills through online courses, videos, or books. While some of my skills are solely hobbies (example: my vegan cooking), many hobbies I can utilize on my resume or create […]

Skills to Learn to Make Money