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Best Jobs For Former Teachers in 2021

What jobs for former teachers are out there? Many teachers find themselves unhappy and suffering from burnout. They often feel guilty about leaving the profession and have no idea where to start. I’ve compiled a list of jobs for teachers leaving education to help you choose your next path.

How many times have you searched “best jobs for ex-teachers” in the past few months?

Teachers can often find themselves feeling lost, aimless without a clear path on how to transition into something else. It’s hard coming to grips that your career choice isn’t going how you dreamed it would!

Best jobs for former teachers in 2021! Thirteen positions that hire teachers with YOUR qualifications - no extra degree required!!

13 Careers for Teachers Leaving The Profession

If traditional teaching is no longer in your plans, there are many other opportunities out there. Your teaching skills will translate into another career. Here are just a few ideas on how to transition from teaching with confidence.

1. Corporate Trainer: Best jobs for former teachers who love presenting

Corporate trainers are responsible for the continuing education of a company’s employees and a great job for former teachers. You’ll be responsible for teaching employees new skills, techniques, and procedures. Building lessons for clients and teaching employees, you’ll focus on the company’s goals and big projects.

As a corporate trainer, you’ll need to be able to create and give presentations using digital media. You will need to work with teams and individuals to identify problems and solutions, be efficient, and most importantly have great organizational skills. A few companies that look for Corporate Trainers include Amazon, McDonalds, and Verizon.

2. Education Consultant: Best jobs for teacher leaders

An education consultant combines teaching and administrative skills to provide qualitative advice on school policies and procedures. Education consultants can serve as advisors on textbook projects, government agencies, non-profit think tanks and so on. You can even get additional certifications through the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) or the American Institute for Certified Educational Planners.

Education Consultant is one of the best jobs for ex-teachers with analytic, organizing, and planning skills who have a background in curriculum building. Companies that have Education Consultant jobs for former teachers include College Ready, Rosetta Stone and Curriculum Associates.


3. Textbook Sales Representative: Best jobs for teachers who know pedagogy

Textbook Sales Representatives are responsible for identifying sales and closing deals between textbook companies and schools. Other responsibilities include making campus visits for demonstrations, answering client questions about logistics and the textbook itself, and making sales calls. For teachers with an affinity for sales, a position selling textbooks can help you take your passion for quality education beyond your own classroom and into hundreds more.

Necessary skills required to get noticed by educational companies that hire teachers

Textbook representatives need to understand how textbooks are used in the classroom. You’ll need a stellar sales pitch that conveniently points towards your texts (this is essential for closing deals). Most importantly, you’ll need experience or aptitude working in sales, the ability to give great presentations, and effective communication skills. Companies That Hire Textbook Sales Representatives: Pearson, McGraw-Hill and Discovery Education.


4. Museum Education Director: Best careers for former teachers who love history or art

If you’re the teacher that finds an excuse to visit a museum for every field trip, consider transitioning to the museum education field. Museum Education Directors are tasked with making sure visitors are engaged in learning experiences that relate to the museum’s collection. For those with a passion for storytelling and connecting with the curious of any age, this position can be a wonderful use of your teaching skills. One of the many reasons why museum positions are perfect jobs for former teachers.

Here’s a tip! There are a wide variety of other educational positions within museums that may interest former teachers, including specialist positions and program directors. If you’d like your job searches to include these positions, your search term should be “museum educator.

Necessary skills for ex-teachers looking for the best museum education jobs

To be a Museum Education Director, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and experience in education or similar fields. Certain museums may require degrees related to their collection. You’ll also need experience in directing and leading engaging presentations and the ability to create programs, activities, and learning materials with guidance. Companies that hire Museum Education Directors include Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Stanford University, and Natural History Museums.

5. Editor: Best jobs for ex-teachers with amazing writing skills

Your expertise of running a red pen through essay after essay can help you. Consider a transition to the world of professional copy editing. The basics of being an editor are simple; you’ll read content and edit it with a sharp eye for clarity, conciseness, and evocativeness. There are a variety of different ways you can find employment with editing jobs. Former teachers can start with traditional positions with newspapers or magazines or try freelance positions from the comfort of your coffee table.

Qualifications needed to land a writing gig outside of teaching

Many positions prefer a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or communications. Editors need a strong understanding of the writing process, including editing and revision, the ability to evaluate story pitches, and develop your own ideas in relation to your audience. Companies that hire editors include The New York Times, NBCUniversal, and Thomson Reuters.


6. Education Product Supplier: Jobs for former teachers who know pedagogy

Teachers with an eye for the perfect product for important lessons should consider taking their talents to product-based education companies. Between books, lesson kits, and learning tools, there are a variety of products with an impact on a child’s education. In other words, education product suppliers help teachers, parents, and education leaders see the benefits of their product in the classroom and beyond.

Educational companies that hire ex-teachers are looking for these skills

Education Product Suppliers need to have the ability to use technology for product promotion and client communication; experience organizing schedules, calls, and meetings; and aptitude in identifying the needs and wants of educators in relation to sales goals. Companies that hire Education Product Suppliers include School Specialty, Pearson and Teacher Created Materials.


7. Blogger: Best jobs for former teachers who are self-motivated

Everyone and their Grandma have niche-based blogs these days, and it’s for a good reason. An established blog in a popular area of interest (aka niche) can generate thousands of dollars a month in reliable income. As a result, many teachers are naturally drawn to blogging. Successful blogs at their core are built to educate and innovate. Good bloggers need determination and an entrepreneurial mindset.

This includes adhering to your own schedule, content ideas and workload; delegation skills to develop a blog that earns a full-time income; and a knack for connecting with your audience. You’ll also need to research affiliate marketing to find ways to monetize your blog.


Bonus Tips for Bloggers: Teachers have a treasure trove of potential niches to explore. Popular niches include children’s arts and crafts, classroom resources, early childhood resources, and study resources for high school students. Keep in mind that it’s completely fine to forgo your background as a teacher. You can blog about anything, even the price comparisons of vintage PEZ dispensers.

8. Educational Toy Companies: Best jobs for ex-teachers with a passion for play

Employment at an educational toy company can mean a variety of things. You could be a salesperson who travels throughout the educational system showing off the benefits of your toy, an educational toy designer, or an educational consultant who drives the company’s main mission. Each one of these positions allows you to take your passion for teaching to work each day and play with it.

Toy companies hiring teachers look for the following skillsets

To work for an educational toy company, you’ll need a knack for conveying education and learning concepts through toys. Experience or aptitude working as a member of an innovative team and the readiness to use digital and social media to connect with educators and parents is key. Companies that make educational toys include Hasbro, Learning Resources, Leap Frog and Mattel.


9. HR Learning & Development Specialist: Best jobs for ex-teachers who love presenting at PDs

A career in HR Learning & Development is perfect for those who have a passion for creating and implementing courses. This is one of the most common jobs for former teachers who are leaving education altogether. HR professionals spend the majority of their time planning, creating, and improving training courses designed to help new employees transition smoothly into their roles. Love analyzing your own lesson plans for content gaps? This career will make good use of your skills.

Stand out for the companies that hire teachers

HR Learning & Development Specialists need the ability to create course material and accompanying training instructions. Proficiency in using digital media and communication is key. Insight into how trainee feedback can be used to improve training materials is also helpful. Companies that hire HR Learning & Development Specialists include the U.S. Departments of Veterans Affairs, Marriott International and California State University.


10. Non-Profit Professional: Jobs for teachers who are intrinsically motivated

While the teaching profession is a noble endeavor, you can add more purpose points on your do-good ledger by taking your talents to the non-profit sector. A passion for helping others can help teachers make the transition to a number of positions within non-profit organizations. Non-profits require many different types of positions to operate properly. Common examples include management positions, accounting, digital media, and communications.

Being successful in non-profit education companies

As a Non-Profit Professional you’ll need the willingness to play a small part of bigger mission. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are key. A deep understanding of how digital media and communication drive engagement could also be helpful in your new position. Notable Non-Profit Organizations include American Red Cross, Human Rights Watch and Feeding America.


11. Private Tutor: Best jobs for teachers who want to earn side income

The gig economy revolution is all the rage right now. For entrepreneurial-minded individuals, this on-demand option could be perfect for you. Many people are trading in the 40-hour 9-to-5 for flexible schedules and control over their income. Instead of teaching a classroom of 30 students, you can choose who, when, and where you want to teach – and how many. Choose to work a group of students or on a one-on-one basis. It’s up to you.

In the digital age, it’s even easier to market your small business and to spread the word that you are a teacher for hire. Websites such as Care.com and Tutors.com can help you find steady work, and your own social media network can often be a valuable resource as well.


12. Online Teacher: Jobs for former teachers who LOVE teaching online

It’s no secret that the internet has altered everything we do. From banking, shopping, dating and even teaching, technology affords us opportunities never dreamed of in previous generations, and teaching is no exception. Often referred to as remote, distance or virtual teaching, online instructors can teach at every level of education, from kindergarten through high school, as well as college and continuing education courses.

This personal approach to teaching is a great opportunity to reach students and teachers who don’t necessarily fit into the traditional brick-and-mortar school house. After all, the skills you’ll need for teaching online you likely already have. A little brush up on the latest in online technology will definitely help. Companies that need online teachers include K12, Waterford, and Edmentum.

13. Curriculum Writer: Best jobs for ex-teachers with an eye for detail

Curriculum Writers are tasked with researching and developing lessons, including materials and activities. Your work will contribute to the structure of programs for lower, middle and higher education. A career in curriculum design can easily translate into various opportunities, including companies, organizations, and government agencies.

Do you have a knack for writing outlines and technical writing, as well as supreme time management and organizational skills? You may be able to easily transition into curriculum writing. Companies looking for Curriculum Writers include Catapult Learning, Great Minds, and Elevate K-12.

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