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“I left teaching because I felt unhappy for the past couple of years. I had been around district to district and I still dreaded going to work. I love my coworkers and admin was great, but I still couldn’t shake my depression. ⁠

I accepted an offer for a remote instructional designer position in a risk management company. ⁠

My advice is to dig deep into what you want as your career. I thought teaching was going to be it, but it wasn’t. I’m glad I’m able to forge my own path outside of the classroom.”

Teacher Career Course Graduate

“I left teaching for a mountain of reasons: exhaustion of every variety, one-sided respect, low compensation, horrific work life harmony, and a growing feeling of dread!⁠ ⁠

Now I’m an enablement consultant for a software company. It’s a 50% increase in salary and a 1000% increase in quality of life.⁠ ⁠

My biggest takeaway from this entire process was to stop doubting my abilities. I silenced my self-saboteur and walked into interviews like a boss. I credit a lot of that newly found self confidence to The Teacher Career Coach Course. Don’t forget what a multifaceted, confident, capable human being you are!”⁠

Teacher Career Course Graduate

“I have been a teacher for the past 31 years. The last half of my career I got my Master’s degree in School Library Media and am currently a librarian. ⁠⁠

I now am working part time as a Client Care Coordinator at a local real estate office. I will transition to full time and retire at the end of this school year, or before if all goes well. ⁠

⁠Be brave and go for it if you aren’t happy in your current position. I learned to tailor my resume for each position I applied for so as to showcase my skills in the best way possible. ⁠

My new boss stressed to me how much my teaching skills would carry over into my new position and that made me feel much more confident.⁠”⁠

Teacher Career Course Graduate

"I was open to new opportunities.⁠ 
Now I am a Curriculum Specialist, Teaching & Learning. I will be delivering compelling, competitive, and informative presentations to district selection committees, administrators and other influential groups of leaders to drive sales in the market for success as a digital leader in both the adoption and open state spaces.⁠ 
Don't underestimate your ability to reach for something that you think is not possible. You bring more value than you know."⁠ 

Teacher Career Course Graduate

"The toll the job was taking on my mental health was the main reason. I found that I was losing touch with who I was and who I wanted to be, that I was constantly tired, I didn't want to make plans during the week and that all my creativity was ebbing away.⁠ 
My new role is a Learning Content Designer. Initially I'll be taking briefs from managers and leads and adding to them to help develop courses, working collaboratively with the wider design team to share knowledge, storyboarding and designing learning content and evaluating and assessing the success of those courses.⁠ 
Be resilient and positive with every step. You have all of the skills, but you may need to frame them differently in your mind. You have all of the knowledge; you just have to say things in a more corporate way."⁠ 

Teacher Career Course Graduate

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Academic Advisor
Academic Designer
Academic Writer
Account Manager
Account Manager, EdTech
Administrative Assistant
Agency Trainer
Associate Project Manager
Business Analyst
Client Account Specialist
Communications Specialist
Community Brands Project Coordinator
Content Developer
Coordinator of Tutoring Services
Curriculum Writer
Customer Service & Relocation Director
Customer Service Specialist
Development Administrator Manager
DHS Trusted Tester, EdTech
Director of Academics
Director of Professional Learning
Early Childhood Trainer, Non-Profit
Ed Tech Account Manager
Education Consultant
Education Coordinator
eLearning Developer

HerE Are JUST SOME OF the NEW Titles our Course Grads now have!

Environmental Specialist
Evaluation Coordinator and Spanish Materials Writer
Event and Programming Assistant
Executive Assistant
Expedition Specialist
Financial Planner
Financial Services Representative
General Enrollment Coordinator
Group Travel Coordinator
Healthcare IT Project Manager
HR Analyst
Instructional Application Anaylst
Instructional Coach
Instructional Designer
Instructional Development and Design Specialist
Insurance Underwriter
IT Project Coordinator
Leadership Development Specialist
Learning & Development Specialist
Learning Experience Designer
Legal Assistant
Marketing specialist
Medical Receptionist
Mentor Coordinator
Non-Profit Director
Non-Profit Impact Coordinator

Office Manager
Partner Training Specialist
Product Specialist
Program Coordinator
Program Director of Adult Education
Program Manager & Contract Administrator
Project Coordination Manager
Project Coordinator
Project Manager
Project Manager
Proposal Coordinator for Federal Government Contracts
Records Manager
Reentry Specialist, Non-Profit
Senior Customer Service Representative
Special Projects Manager & Assistant to the AVP
Staff Services Analyst
Support Services Coordinator for Community Youth and Recreation Department
Talent Acquisition Manager
Technical Account Representative
Technical Training Specialist, EdTech
Technology Coach to Sustainability Project Manager
Test Content Developer
Training & Communications Specialist
Training Coordinator
Training Specialist and Knowledge Manager
UX Researcher

"I joined the TCC community in October 2022. At the time, I entered in hopes giving myself a year to figure out how to get out in the June at the end of my contract. I went through the motions at school. Shortly, after joining, I found out I would be making a move out of my home state of VA and moving to Chicago. This added a whole new level of stress trying to transition out of teaching AND moving to a whole new place. After cold networking, hundreds of applications, probably 25 resumes, I was left to resort back to teaching with CPS. My situation has been less than ideal in Chicago, despite making almost 20K more than I was in VA. 28 Kindergarteners, no help and a team who micromanages. My quality of life has been nonexistent. I continued back on my track of applying for jobs last month, until I was presented with a job from a friend of a friend in Chicago, who had an opening at her company and then BOOM. Interview and job."

Teacher Career Course Graduate 

"I started listening to Daphne’s podcasts regularly in January. I informed my school that I was leaving in March. My last day was in June, and I began actively applying to jobs August 1 after our family vacation.

I was getting frustrated with the lack of responses, so I revisited a TCC lesson that recommended a general resume for Indeed. I used Daphne’s resume template and added it to my Indeed and Monster accounts. Somehow, this is the thing that landed me a job when an HR manager from the state court saw my resume.

After 3 months of applications, I have a start date in November as a Child Advocate in the Guardian Ad Litem office of the State Court. The pay is about the same as teaching, but it offers a hybrid work schedule with 2 days pers week at home. It also keeps me in the state retirement system and has great accrual of leave time. This is a great first step for me, and I am officially a former teacher."

Teacher Career Course Graduate 

"I just accepted a communications role with a local non-profit that provides support to people with disabilities in the area. I have always loved to write and am excited that this role will get me up to speed on best practices and current trends in creating effective external and internal communications strategy. My supervisor was so impressed with all the skills I bring from teaching that she actually went to HR to try to restructure the role so it will include more mentoring and training. While those additional responsibilities and compensation won’t happen for at least 6 months, I feel flattered that she saw how my skill-set can provide enormous benefit to the organization. It is fully remote and a $10,000 raise from what I was making after 9 years of teaching and a Masters degree."

Amy S
Teacher Career Course Graduate 

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“I left teaching because after 9 years, I was starting to feel burnt out, and that was affecting both myself and my students negatively. ⁠ ⁠

I no longer felt excited about coming to work and doing what I once loved. There was also a need for a higher salary and a work-life balance.⁠ ⁠I am a corporate trainer for a mortgage company. ⁠ ⁠

When I resigned from teaching, I was a loan originator for six months. I applied for this job when I realized I was not a good fit for a sales position.⁠ ⁠

Sometimes it’s necessary to bounce around before you find the right fit. Had I not been in the mortgage role first, I would not have been able to be hired for this job. ⁠ ⁠

Gaining experience in other areas can be helpful to ultimately get you to the perfect role for you.”⁠

Teacher Career Course Graduate

“I decided to leave teaching when I realized that I didn’t have to be giving back to the students and families that I served by being their teacher. ⁠ ⁠

One of the silver linings of quarantine is that I finally was able to stop moving on auto-pilot and it was the first time in 10+ years that the only needs I had to address were my own. 

Finding space to create true work-life balance I realized rejuvenated and motivated me in ways that I never even imagined. ⁠ ⁠

I signed up for the TCC in the Spring of 2020 and started making steps to build my network and confidence because I knew that I would not be resigning my contract at the end of the next school year.⁠ ⁠

My biggest piece of advice is to be your own biggest fan. It can be really hard to be rejected and it’s easy to not feel good enough. ⁠ ⁠ You are worthy to live the life you dream of. Knowing that and believing that for myself made the rejection easier and really helped me to not get discouraged and stay persistent. ⁠ ⁠

Teacher Career Course Graduate

“While it was extremely hard to do, I left teaching because of a lack of work/life balance and a toxic work environment. I am currently an Instructional Designer working to create learning solutions within a corporate environment and I could not be more thrilled with my career move! ⁠ 
For anyone who is considering a similar career switch, I would suggest learning how to market yourself and your skills, keeping up to date with best practices in the field, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! ⁠ 
The Teacher Career Coach Course is an invaluable resource to get started, and good luck in your journey!”⁠ 

Teacher Career Course Graduate

“I have been unhappy for so long and I would’ve never had the courage to step out of my comfort zone if I hadn’t found Daphne’s course. I didn’t think that I was qualified to do anything but teach. The Teacher Career Coach Course changed that for me. ⁠ 
I accepted a job as a project coordinator for an HR firm. I made it through assessments, three interviews and they were really impressed with everything that teachers do on a daily basis. ⁠ 
Our skills are so transferable! I told my principal, my team and I’m announcing it to my students today. I’m getting so much support from them and it feels so good! ⁠ 
Thank you for all you have done for teachers.” ⁠ 

Teacher Career Course Graduate 

“I left teaching because the education system in the US has changed so much. I didn’t become a teacher to teach about tests, but that’s what I was doing. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and was more frustrated than anything. ⁠ 
I’m now an Account Manager at one of my favorite EdTech companies and loving it. ⁠ 
My advice would be to never stop networking! Connect with individuals on LinkedIn who work in companies you’re interested in, start conversations with them, and be open to learning and taking a leap!” 

Teacher Career Course Graduate 

“I had been teaching for 14 years and no longer looked forward to going into work every day. It seemed every day something would happen that stole some happiness, and I needed to leave before it negatively affected how I taught.⁠ ⁠ 

I am now an instructional designer in the Enterprise Education group of a hospitality company and I love it!⁠ ⁠ 

My biggest piece of advice is to make a plan and “do your homework.” This may mean fully researching and understanding the skills required for a new role, taking courses, updating your resume for the career you want, building a portfolio, and networking. It may be difficult at times, but not impossible, and most definitely worth it!”⁠ 

Teacher Career Course Graduate 

“I decided to leave teaching after having my baby boy during the pandemic last year. I realized that I loved working from home and could not face a multi-hour commute. My anxiety had also gotten really bad during the pandemic. 
I now am an education consultant and trainer for an ed tech company, fully remote! I also freelance in design on the side. My advice is to take the plunge and just do the damn thing already. You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel!” 
For anyone who is considering a similar career switch, I would suggest learning how to market yourself and your skills, keeping up to date with best practices in the field, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! ⁠ 
The Teacher Career Coach Course is an invaluable resource to get started, and good luck in your journey!”⁠ 

Teacher Career Course Graduate 

“I have always wanted to be a teacher. Then on my first day-I realized I didn’t actually want to- I ended up staying for 6 years. I tried changing grade levels/teams, but I still wasn’t enjoying my job. I was beyond stressed! I was numbing my unhappiness, and I was extremely depressed and anxious. 

I am currently a Sales Development Rep (SDR). What I do is reach out to admins to get them to purchase our school access account which allows teachers to get resources without paying themselves!! 

It takes time to leave teaching, but if that’s what you wanna do you can do it. Networking is strange, but helpful!!! There are communities of former teachers helping each other find new paths. 

Seriously teachers can manage so many things! We can handle the learning curve of a new job! Go get it! Good luck!” 

Teacher Career Course Graduate

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"After 9 long months of full-time job searching, constant rejections, and lots of ghosting, I finally got my “YES”…just officially signed on as a Project Manager with Pearson! I start a week from today and let me just say, the relief I feel not having to start another day of job hunting & applying is indescribable."

Teacher Career Course Graduate 

"I started a new job on Wednesday!

I’m the proposal writer for a small company called Diplomatic Language Services, which provides foreign language training for professionals here in the Washington, DC, area. There are a few of these language training contractors here, since the military and certain federal agencies need their employees to know a variety of languages.

In terms of my path to get here, I decided to leave teaching last winter. I bought the TCC materials in February. I then spent the spring and summer revising my resume, learning about jobs, and reading lots of job listings to understand what’s out there. 

Thanks you everyone at TCC for the support (and for helping me figure out what to do about the contract offer when I was panicking Friday night!). For everyone who is still looking, I was looking too just 10 days ago. Do your networking and you WILL find something."

Teacher Career Course Graduate 

"I got my yes! I sent in my contract yesterday, and starting on December 11th I will be an instructional designer at a local credit union. I've appreciated all the words of wisdom from other former teachers, and I wanted to contribute something from my story, too. My advice is to get really clear and specific about what you want, then continually focus on those clear intentions and really believe that they can come true."

Amy S
Teacher Career Course Graduate 

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