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Career Portfolio for Teachers

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You’ll see many of these applications ask for portfolios, and many are tempted to submit applications without adding a portfolio. Do I recommend you apply without a portfolio when they ask for one? No, unless you have an “in” at the company or you absolutely don’t have time to put one together but still want to apply (knowing you likely won’t get a call back). Many hiring managers are aware that teachers are looking to transition into this role, so it’s easy to assume you will be up against a LOT of competition. The candidates who stand out show that they are serious about this role, they’ve studied it, and take the time to put together a portfolio.Does this portfolio need to be perfect? NO! But not putting any portfolio on an application asking for one will not prove to a nervous hiring manager that you are serious about wanting this career change.

Career Portfolio resources from IDOL Academy.

Get the exact steps and layout for how to build an instructional design and online learning portfolio that hiring managers and clients will love.  This course takes away the overwhelm and resulting procrastination so you can show off your IDOL skills.  The most important thing about this course is getting results. Follow this course and take action every time and you will have an online portfolio you are proud of.  It will be one of the best assets you can make to further your career and earning potential. 

I might not really need a Career Portfolio

PS. If you are NOT interested in Instructional Design, don’t worry! Many careers actually do not require portfolios, but you still can assume you are up against a lot of competition. That means if you want to stand out against the rest, make sure to translate your resume for the job you are applying for to showcase how you are a perfect fit for THAT specific role.

Make sure to listen to Episode 29 of the Teacher Career Coach Podcast to learn all about translating your resume.

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