Teacher Career Coach Podcast Playlists for Your Teacher Transition


With over 100 episodes of the Teacher Career Coach Podcast, we know you may be struggling to find which episodes to start ASAP! We’ve created this page to share some of our most popular podcast episodes for different stages and career paths. 

Each of the podcast titles below link to the individual page and transcript for that specific episode. If you’d prefer to listen directly on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, click here. 

Pros and Cons of Leaving the Classroom 

Often, teachers are on the fence for months or years before making the final choice due to teacher guilt, fear of the unknown, or the desire to stay in a “stable career.” Check out these Teacher Career Coach Podcast episodes for support as you weigh the right decision for your journey. 

Mindset and Motivation  

The transition process can be overwhelming, and having big emotions during this process is normal! Listen to these Teacher Career Coach Podcast episodes to help keep you motivated and overcome some of the mindset challenges you may face. 

Staying in the Classroom  

We want you to find happiness if you decide to stay in the classroom. Check out these episodes for resources targeted at those struggling but staying in the field. 

Best Practices for the Job Search 

From formatting your resume to to getting interview-ready, we’ve got episodes to help you with each step. Listen to these episode for specific career search support. 

Episodes By Career Path 

While we encourage you to listen to episodes featuring roles you may have NEVER imagined yourself in, you may have a specific path in mind already! We’ve sorted these episodes into similar categories so you can listen to the ones that align with your goals.

eLearning & Instructional Design Positions 

Training Roles 

Sales and Customer Success Positions 

Project and Program Management 

Freelancing and Side Hustles  

Adjusting to Your New Career Outside of the Classroom 

The transition process doesn’t end with a great interview or even the job offer. Listen to these episode resources for tips on how you can successfully adjust to a career outside of the classroom. 

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