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Education Recruitment Agencies: Working with Recruiters


If you’re actively looking for a job, you may have come across education recruitment agencies or a recruiter may have reached out to you with an opportunity. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the benefits of working with a recruiter, explain a little behind-the-scenes of how this business works, and what a recruiter can do for you.

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Recruitment Agencies With Education Companies

Recruitment agencies and other recruiters are employed by education companies to assist in filling open positions. A recruitment agency may collect and parse resumes, set up interviews for the company, and source and screen qualified candidates for a variety of roles.

An internal recruiter works completely for the company of their employment, while a recruitment agency will work with many different companies.

Education and other companies choose to work with recruitment agencies for a variety of reasons. The company may be scaling, for example, and need to fill a large number or roles. Or they may need to fill high-level positions and are having difficulty finding the right candidate locally and want to expand their search. Additionally, small companies and start-ups may not have the time or staff to dedicate to sifting through hundreds of applications for multiple positions. That’s where an outside recruitment agency comes in.

How Education Recruitment Agencies Help Job Seekers

By-and-large companies are looking for long-term hires that are a great fit for the role and overall company culture. It takes time and money to onboard new employees and train them in their new role. So it’s important when hiring to find the best person the first time.

Finding the right fit is, of course, important to job seekers as well. If you’re looking to go into education, working with recruitment agencies that specialize in the field can help you find the right opportunity for you.

It’s important to note, however, that not all education companies use recruiters to fill their roles, so don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! Working with a recruiter can be helpful and may ultimately lead to your next job, but you should still be applying directly with companies, networking, and searching on your own. Let’s discuss how an education recruitment company can help in your job search.

Making Connections

Firstly, an education recruitment agency or general recruiter can introduce you to open positions that fit your skill and experience level. Frequently recruiters are working with multiple companies and a variety of candidates at the same time, so if one opportunity doesn’t work for you, they may have an alternative that is a better fit in the pipeline.

Additionally, while many companies advertise open positions on a variety of platforms, recruiting agencies may also have roles to fill that are not advertised publicly or are only advertised through their firm. So you may find more opportunities by broadening your search to include submitting resumes to an agency or working with a recruiter.

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Answering Your Questions

Secondly, a recruiter can help answer your questions. Job descriptions often contain a brief overview of the requirements of the job and the skills/experience necessary. However when you’re scanning through dozens of job openings, many questions may come to mind about the job itself and company as a whole.

Recruiters are tasked to learn about their clients and the open position(s) and understand what’s needed for the role. They learn about the company culture, job descriptions, the hard and soft skills needed, potential for growth, salary range, bonuses, perks – all of the nitty gritty that you may not be able to glean from a job description.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Finally, a recruiter should be giving you insight on how to highlight yourself best for the role. They may be able to give you some industry insight and help you understand your different strengths and weaknesses in regards to a particular role so that when you are moving through the process, you can put your best foot forward.

Some recruiters may also help you update your resume or guide you through that process so that you’re sending the client or the company an updated, quality resume that matches what the client is looking for. Specifically, if they’ve worked with that company before, they would know the types of hot buttons that the client looks for in a resume too, which is really helpful.

The Difference Between Headhunters & Recruiters

In addition to the above benefits, it’s important to understand that recruiters are working for the company. The company is the “client” and the one paying the recruiter to fill any open positions they have. This is different than a headhunter, who is hired and paid by the job seeker to find a role.

Therefore, another benefit of working with an education recruitment company, is that you can work with them at no cost to you. Most often, companies have a separate budget for what they spend on recruiters. So that fee comes from an operations budget – not from your salary.

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