Starting a Business Resources


I often get questions or DMS about starting a side-hustle or creating a business similar to the Teacher Career Coach resources. I wanted to create a quick reference page filled with my favorite resources that I’ve used to run my own business and course I endorse from some of my OWN business mentors.

This page may contain affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission if you choose to purchase using these links.

For Digital Course Creators

Thinkific (click to start your free trial): is the course hosting platform that I use. If you aren’t sure about WHAT digital course you’d create, scroll down to read more about the Smart from Scratch Course.

For Email Marketing

ConvertKit (click to start your free trial): is the email marketing platform that I use. It’s vital to your business to have an email list so that you can actually sell whatever product or idea you have. You don’t own your Instagram, you don’t own your FB, but you OWN your email list. The algorithm may not show your posts to most of your followers, meaning you are missing out on sales anytime you solely use social media for sales.

While you are working on your email marketing, you may need additional support to take you to the next level. Email Marketing Magic Course , a simple and effective framework to give you confidence in all your email marketing efforts. This course will not just help you grow your list, but help you generate more revenue, too “like magic,” even if you’re not good at writing or afraid of selling.

For Sales Pages

Samcart (click to start a free trial): is the tool I use for my sales pages. Samcart is great for eCommerce and physical products, eBooks, course creators, tutors, or coaches who need to collect payment on a professional looking page. If you aren’t sure what you are creating or selling, scroll down to read more about the Smart from Scratch Course.

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For Freelancers

Freelancing School: If you have started freelancing but want to take it to the next level, I highly recommend this course! Learn the advanced sales, marketing, and business skills you need to to earn a great living as a freelancer.

For Podcasters

Power-up Podcasting walks you step-by-step through the entire process of launching a great podcast. With high-quality videos (that aren’t too long) and examples along the way, you’ll have your new podcast up and running in no time, so you can start growing and delighting your audience.

Still fine-tuning your business idea?

Smart From Scratch Course was designed for students looking to make an impact in the business world but who may not have the tools to help get them there.

You are an aspirer. You yearn to make your mark on the world. Maybe you even have an idea for a business or an amazing product, but you’re not sure what to do next. Or maybe you’re having trouble coming up with an idea in the first place. Smart From Scratch is the course to help you identify and validate your idea, so you can begin building a business that works.

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