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Are there alternative careers for teachers in 2021? Is it a good time to change jobs? If you’re worried about how the current uncertainty in the world affects hiring and employment, read on. Your transition from the classroom does not have to wait, but you will need an action plan for a clear path forward. […]

Alternative Careers for Teachers: Job Searching During Coronavirus

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When creating an online business or becoming an entrepreneur, the first step you’ll want to take is finding your niche. This should happen before you create your resources (and will help you shape the resources that you plan to make). Have you ever heard the expression “the riches are in the niches?” The top strategy […]

Finding Your Niche

importance of networking in education
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If you are looking to transition from your current teaching position, read about the importance of networking in education in order to land a new position. Teaching can often feel like a very isolated job. After getting to school early, you can feel shut out from the rest of society. Hiding behind closed doors to […]

Importance of Networking in Education