Battling Teacher Guilt About Leaving The Classroom

Teacher guilt is something that impacts many teachers throughout their career. Teacher guilt can hit you when you want to spend the weekend with your family rather than grading papers. And it hits especially hard when you consider leaving.

Teaching can be such a fulfilling career. The feeling that teachers get when a student finally “gets it” can be so rewarding. But many other times, teaching is draining. I believe this is because as teachers, we wear many different hats every day.

In a single day we are a teacher, counselor, data analyst, referee, janitor, mentor, nurse, and a social worker. After many years, the mental, physical, and emotional toll can be too much for some of us.

If this challenge is making you question a career change, just know; you are not alone! Teaching is a profession where you need to be able to fully commit to it in order to be the best teacher you can be for your students. Do you feel fully committed? Motivated? Energized? Do you feel that you have a well-balanced work and home life?

Or, are you considering leaving teaching? What is stopping you?

When you’re completely burnt out, it’s common to wonder what other jobs can teachers do?

I know for me, and for so many of us out there, leaving this profession is scary. We worked through so many years of undergraduate and maybe even graduate school with no plan B in mind. There are so many factors that make us pause and question our decision to make the leap into another career. One of the biggest factors that make us halt in our tracks? Guilt. 

Experiencing Teacher Guilt

Teachers strive for perfectly decorated classrooms, well-managed students, and the ability to manage our time. When we don’t meet our own high expectations, we start to panic.

Will our students be okay if we leave them? What will my colleagues and administrators think of me if I leave? Will my family and friends support me, or will they think I’m a failure?

These questions and these feelings are totally normal! In The Teacher Career Coach course there are resources to help you overcome the guilt you may feel about leaving the classroom.

Everyone deserves to be in a job that they love… or at least feel content with. Your students deserve to have a teacher that can give 100% in the classroom. Family and friends deserve to have their loved one feeling healthy. Most importantly, you deserve to feel accomplished and happy in your career.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to jump and get all of my resources immediately, join The Teacher Career Coach Course today. Check out the Teacher Career Coach reviews to hear what other teachers are saying about this course.

By: Katie Zarco Cardoso

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