Working from home as a teacher, remote jobs

Working from Home as a Teacher: Best Remote Jobs for Teachers


Are you considering working from home as a teacher? Read on to find the top four remote jobs for teachers. Plus, get an idea about salaries and job requirements to find out what will be the best fit for you.

Are you considering working from home as a teacher? Read on to find the top four remote jobs for teachers. Plus, get an idea about salaries and job requirements to find out what will be the best fit for you.

This is just one thing about being a teacher that isn’t pretty or glamourous. We must train our bladders to wait until we have a break with no students. It’s pure insanity and one of the least favorite parts about being a teacher! There are so many different teacher burnout causes.

You daydream about what it would be like to enjoy restroom breaks on your own terms, have less stress, more time for family, and saying goodbye to lesson plans. Is that even possible, you wonder? Can you work from home as a teacher? What if I told you yes!

It is possible to have that freedom and make a living on your own terms.

Imagine no long commutes to the school where you must clock in and out daily, post lesson plans by 8 AM Monday morning, and be on time for breakfast or hall duty. I’m here to tell you that it is possible. You can work and be home on your own terms! How does that sound? Pretty freakin’ amazing right?! So, let’s get down to it.

Working from Home as a Teacher: Best Remote Jobs For Teachers

1. Working from Home Teaching or Tutoring Online

A great option, if teaching is in your blood, is online tutoring. You can tutor children from different countries and do it all from the comforts of your own home office! No more commuting, lesson plans, moody administrators, or endless faculty meetings – boring! You can still utilize your creative teacher powers and teach students that want to learn English. The age ranges are from as young as four all the way up to adults. There are tons of companies out there looking for dedicated professional teachers, such as yourself, to spread their teaching joy and experience, to enhance the learning of children around the world.

Working from home as a teacher, remote jobs

2. Working from Home as a Virtual Assistant

Maybe online tutoring isn’t ringing your bell. That’s fine because it isn’t for everyone. So, what else could you do that would be remote and flexible? You could become a virtual assistant. As a teacher you do similar tasks like a virtual assistant, just without being paid for it.

Think about it. You prepare documents, complete data analysis, call parents, and create and execute daily activities with lesson plans that guide student learning. With skills like these you’d rock as a virtual assistant!

You are already familiar with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and a plethora of online resources. All these teacher skills can easily translate into you becoming a successful virtual assistant that works from home. Virtual assistants make between $18 and $45/hour, but you determine what you charge. Some VAs that work very efficiently can make much more by charging by the job vs. charging by the hour. Check out this link to Virtual Assistant. It just might be the perfect solution for you.

Working from home as a teacher, remote jobs

3. Working from Home as Freelance Writer

Now you are intrigued by the previous two options but want to see what else I have up my sleeve. If working from home as an online teacher or virtual assistant isn’t up your alley, I have another option. You could become a freelance writer! As a Freelance writer you are the boss! You take only the jobs that appeal to you and your writing style. You have the freedom to write articles, blogs, email sequences, white papers, etc. The list goes on and on. There is no limit to the type of work you can do as a freelance writer.

If you are passionate about teaching and still want to showcase your teaching skills, you still can by being an instructional designer and writing/creating curriculum. If lesson planning makes your heart sing, you can potentially get a writing job where that’s all you do and get paid well to do it! There are so many options as a freelance writer. Check out this link if you think this is an exciting option for you.

Working from home as a teacher, remote jobs

4. Remote Educational Consultant Jobs for Teachers

If you are a teacher looking for a career outside of the classroom but still want to remain in education, one successful career path is an educational consultant. Teachers often flourish in these positions because the work needed combines their teaching skills with their administrative skills to provide qualitative advice on policies and procedures.

Educational consultants also provide guidance on curriculum, resources, and teaching styles. The type of work provided by educational consultants can not only be used to make decisions and improvements in school systems, but corporations and home-based settings as well. According to the current statistics on Glassdoor, educational consultants make an average salary of $61,500 per year.

Remote Jobs For Teachers: Next Steps

Hopefully now your interest has been piqued and you are thinking that a career change is possible. Teachers are the backbone to all careers. You are talented and a gifted educator that wants to continue to share your gift but in a different way. It’s time to take the next steps in your journey.

Next steps to a new career

One of the biggest mistakes that we see teachers make is that they try to navigate this process alone. Often, they put off “researching” until the very last minute. Which sets them up for a very stressful application season. I want to help you get some clarity in the options available to you. To know EXACTLY what you need to do (and not do) in order to get your foot in the door.

You don’t have to do this on your own.

With the help of an HR expert with over 10 years of experience and a team of former teachers, I’ve created a guide to support you in the early stages of your transition out of the classroom. Tap the button below to learn more.

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