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EP 14 Sarah Forst: Self-Care for Teachers

In the most recent episode of The Teacher Career Coach Podcast, I interview Sarah Forst, teacher self-care expert. Sarah shares her personal story of burning out as a classroom teacher.

She offers some great actionable advice on how to implement self-care into your routine, including how to best schedule so that you keep yourself a priority. We have some candid discussions including our own personal stories battling burnout (and leaving the classroom due to it).

I truly believe every teacher should listen to this episode.

Listen to the episode in the podcast player below, or find it on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

(0:35) Introducing Sarah Forst
(4:03) Your mindset may be setting you up for burnout
(7:29) Self-care is key for longevity in the classroom
(9:59) Accept that not everything will get done
(11:01) Set up a schedule for your self-care
(12:23) Set your priorities and cut out what you need to
(14:11) Ideas for self-care activities
(20:08) Build a daily routine that includes time for self-care
(22:16) Therapy and self-care
(24:58) Boundaries as self-care 
(26:08) Environmental factors that contribute to burnout
(28:01) Teacher guilt
(33:08) Teacher Care Crate

Want to connect with Sarah?

Check out Sarah’s self-care subscription box for teachers, Teacher Care Crate. or connect with her on social: IG: @thedesignerteacher and @teachercarecrate
Read Sarah’s Book The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care

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Help for managing teacher stress & burnout

Too many teachers downplay their mental health struggles thinking it’s just “new teacher jitters” or part of the position. My final year of teaching at a toxic school environment completely broke me. After walking away from that experience and finding happiness, I was shocked at how conditioned/numb I had become to being consistently unwell.

You should not feel intense dread about your career on a daily basis, period. If you are miserable more often than happy, let’s try to find solutions to support you:

Blog Post: Stress Management for Teachers; 5 Strategies to Implement Today

The Teacher Career Coach Podcast Episode 31: Blake Blankenbecler, Therapy for Teachers

Finally, if you’re struggling day-to-day it may be worth it to look into a therapist. Get started today with TalkSpace, a private, online therapy with flexible plans to meet your needs.

And if managing stress brought on by teaching isn’t enough, it may be time to look into alternative careers. If you’re at a loss when it comes to figuring out your options, check out our free quiz below for customized suggestions teachers transitioning out of the classroom.

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