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EP 14 Sarah Forst: Self-Care for Teachers

In the most recent episode of The Teacher Career Coach Podcast, I interview Sarah Forst, teacher self-care expert. Sarah shares her personal story of burning out as a classroom teacher.

She offers some great actionable advice on how to implement self-care into your routine, including how to best schedule so that you keep yourself a priority. We have some candid discussions including our own personal stories battling burnout (and leaving the classroom due to it).

I truly believe every teacher should listen to this episode.

Listen to the episode in the podcast player below, or find it on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

(0:35) Introducing Sarah Forst
(4:03) Your mindset may be setting you up for burnout
(7:29) Self-care is key for longevity in the classroom
(9:59) Accept that not everything will get done
(11:01) Set up a schedule for your self-care
(12:23) Set your priorities and cut out what you need to
(14:11) Ideas for self-care activities
(20:08) Build a daily routine that includes time for self-care
(22:16) Therapy and self-care
(24:58) Boundaries as self-care 
(26:08) Environmental factors that contribute to burnout
(28:01) Teacher guilt
(33:08) Teacher Care Crate

Want to connect with Sarah?

Check out Sarah’s self-care subscription box for teachers, Teacher Care Crate. or connect with her on social: IG: @thedesignerteacher and @teachercarecrate
Read Sarah’s Book The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care

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