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EP 09 Dr. Robin Sargent: Why Teachers Make Great Instructional Designers

Many teachers have been considering transitioning from the classroom to pursue a career in Instructional Design. In this latest episode of The Teacher Career Coach Podcast, I interview Dr. Robin Sargent, a thought leader in the ID space with an impressive background.

She discusses all things Instructional Design, including exactly why it’s such a great career fit for teachers.

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(0:35) Introducing Dr. Robin Sargent
(1:25) What is an Instructional Designer?
(2:50) Why teachers make great Instructional Designers
(4:30) Best skills to learn for Instructional Design
(7:13) Fear and imposter syndrome
(9:55) Types of Instructional Design
(16:02) What is the work-life balance for an Instructional Designer?
(17:15) Personality fit for Instructional Design
(22:39) Instructional Design job stability, pay, and growth opportunities
(25:32) How to build a portfolio in Instruction Design
(27:38) IDOL resources

To learn more about IDOL, visit:

Dr. Robin is a former corporate Director of Learning & Development who has created an entire online academy focused on teaching Instructional Design, the IDOL Academy.

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