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EP 13 Jay Clouse: How to Start Freelancing

Freelancers make their own schedules, only work with the clients they want to work with and have control and flexibility,  perfect for teachers. However, one of the biggest challenges in becoming successful in freelancing is just figuring out how to get started. In this episode, I interview Jay Clouse, an expert who helps freelancers succeed and scale their businesses. 

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(1:47) Introducing Jay Clouse

(2:22) Definition of a freelancer

(3:55) Pros and cons of freelancing

(5:25) Get started with on-the-side freelancing

(9:09) Build your resume

(11:22) Start with what you know you can do

(12:48) Freelancing ideas for teachers

(14:45) Three reasons people start to freelance

(25:07) Tips for your conversations with potential clients

(28:42) How do you find potential clients?

(32:41) How to stand out on UpWork

(33:35) Jay’s Freelancing School

Learn more about Freelancing School (use coupon code TCC to save 20%)

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