Stressed-Out Teacher Gifts for Self-Care 2021 Edition


Teachers, especially stressed-out teachers, need self-care more than ever. In addition to unlimited mental health days, we at Teacher Career Coach believe that teachers should be showered with self-care gifts. We all know the saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup. When teachers are able to take care of themselves, they burn out less frequently.

If you know a teacher who needs help leaving the classroom, check out the Teacher Career Coach CourseThis step-by-step guide has helped thousands with a transition from teaching. Teachers can save time and get support with every step of picking a new path, rewriting your resume, and answering tricky interview questions.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a significant other, a fellow teacher, or yourself, these self-care gifts for teachers are great to support the stressed-out teachers in your life.

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Self Care Gifts for Teachers: Great Presents for Stressed-Out Teachers

1. Mental Health Matters T-shirt from Dazey LA

I love this ethically made clothing company, but especially this t-shirt (I personally wear mine all of the time). Wearing this shirt is a great reminder to take a break from your workload and prioritize your own mental health.

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2. Spa Gifts for Home

This face mask mixing kit and this face mask base are great! There is something calming about washing your face after a long and stressful day. Face masks are a great way to bring the spa home to you. It’s just the kind of TLC a stressed-out teacher needs!

You can also find amazing spa subscription boxes on Cratejoy. A monthly subscription box is a wonderful way to give a gift that continues to give throughout the year!

3. A Gravity Blanket

Gravity blankets (or weighted blankets) are a simple way to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep quality. If you are constantly finding yourself unable to sleep due to the Sunday Scaries, this may help!

4. Organic bath bombs

I use bath bombs as a personal reward for accomplishing a task that I’ve been putting off, and these are at the top of my shopping list. Give the gift of relaxation with a bath bomb made with ingredients you can feel good about.

5. Self-care gift set from Art of Tea (complete with a candle, artisan tea and a beautiful journal)

The Candle, Matches, Journal, & Earl Grey Creme Retail Tin Gift Box Set from Art of Tea sets up a stressed-out teacher with a complete self-care session full of sweet smells, a warm drink and a space to reflect.

6. The Teacher Care Crate

Curated by a former teacher, this is custom made to help you make time to relax and practice self-care, It’s full of items to remind you to take care of yourself first, from organic bath products to handmade jewelry.

Don’t want something geared towards teachers? No problem! You can also browse an entire library of self-care boxes on Cratejoy.

Gifts for Stressed-Out Teachers Who Need More Hours in the Day

1. Roomba

You don’t have enough time to do everything, including housework. I am obsessed with my Roomba. A vacuum that cleans your house at the push of a button? Yes, please! This is a perfect time-saver for any busy teacher.

2. Good coffee

If you have a teacher who is obsessed with coffee, this makes a great gift. Caffeine is a necessary fuel for teachers who need all the energy they can get. Treat them to the tastiest coffee you can find!

3. Instant Pot

It can cook a meal up to 70% faster than traditional methods, so this is a no-brainer for a teacher who needs to save time.

4. Planners

My favorite planner is the Full Focus Planner.

The Full Focus Planner helps the busiest teacher in your life achieve their big goals like starting their own business, planning a wedding, or conquering the world! This planner is specifically made to end daily overwhelm and help you connect daily action to annual goals.

6. Snack Boxes from CrateJoy

Save your busy stressed-out teacher time by getting the gift of snacks sent to them on a monthly basis! They even have canned wine clubs or cocktail kits if your teacher needs to relax with a homemade happy hour!

Other Great Gifts for Teachers

1. Taste of Japan Sampler Pack

Always wanted to travel to Japan? Bring a piece of this beautiful country to you with this tea sampler set.

2. Winedog

A monthly membership for dog AND wine lovers. I’ll just leave it at that.

3. Cricut

For the highly organized or crafty-teacher in your life, a Cricut is one of the best gifts you can get! Create unique crafts for in and outside of the classroom (and they can even start their own Etsy shop).

Gifts for Stressed-Out Teachers Who Are Looking For Other Work

1. The Teacher Career Coach Course

Teachers transition out of the classroom all of the time – whether due to burnout, district budget cuts, or moving to a new location, or something else. The career pivot from teaching can be difficult and brings on a whole slew of mindset challenges (teacher guilt, low career self-esteem, etc).

If you know a teacher who is looking for new work, The Teacher Career Coach Course is the perfect gift. It can help save them the time of re-writing their resume, finding a career path that suits them, or answering difficult interview questions.

Gift a course enrollment to a teacher struggling to find their next position by emailing support@teachercareercoach.com after purchasing.

Help for managing teacher stress & burnout

Too many teachers downplay their mental health struggles thinking it’s just “new teacher jitters” or part of the position. My final year of teaching at a toxic school environment completely broke me. After walking away from that experience and finding happiness, I was shocked at how conditioned/numb I had become to being consistently unwell.

You should not feel intense dread about your career on a daily basis, period. If you are miserable more often than happy, let’s try to find solutions to support you:

Step out of the classroom and into a new career, The Teacher Career Coach Course