Getting Support from Your Teacher's Union

EP 15 Brian Rippet: Getting Support From Your Teachers Union


I receive messages all the time from teachers who need support or are considering breaking their teaching contracts. When I was a teacher, I had a very close relationship with the union in both of my school districts, and I wanted to bring in an expert to talk more on these subjects to share his knowledge.  In this episode, interview Brian Rippet.

After working in the classroom for 21 years, Brian is now the Nevada State Education Association President. We talk about how to get in contact with advocates in your area, what you should know if you are considering breaking your contract, and more. 

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(0:35) Introducing Bryan Rippet 
(1:25) Bryan’s background 
(2:46) Do teacher contracts differ based on state and district? 
(3:39) What your contract might say about taking leave 
(8:30) Who to talk to about your leave options 
(11:55) Should you be concerned about losing your teaching license if you break your contract? 
(15:03) Signing a letter of intent versus a contract 
(18:07) How can your union help you? 
(20:59) When in doubt, reach out to your union and ask questions
(23:57) What if you live in a non-union state?
(26:39) Where can you get to get additional info and support?

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Getting Support from Your Teacher's Union

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