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EP 16 Stacy Aguilar: From Teaching to Graphic Design

Stacy Aguilar is a former teacher who left the classroom to focus on graphic design. She’s pivoted to creating a business, The Teacherpreneur Design School, to help other teachers scale their business with professional-looking branding.

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0:35 Introducing Stacy Aguilar
01:17 Stacy’s teaching story
05:47 From e-commerce to freelancing
11:33 Stacy’s transition out of the classroom
15:10 Experiencing teacher guilt
19:46 What is The Teacherpreneur Design School?
21:16 Push past imposter syndrome
23:50 Online personal brand tips
32:13 What ‘s included in a The Teacherpreneur Design School membership?

Where to find Stacy online:
IG: @stacyeaguilar

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