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If you're a former teacher, burnout specialist or feel like you have something teachers need to hear, apply to be on the podcast below!

Yes, please reach out at support@teachercareercoach.com to learn more if you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this podcast. 

do you take sponsors?

The biggest way you can show your support for this podcast is by leaving a rating and a review. Many teachers have no idea that is community or type of support even exists. 

how can i help other teachers find this support?

Use the link above to let us know that you'd like to be a guest and share your story or advice for teachers who are thinking of a career change or starting their own business! 

how can i be a guest on your podcast?

The show notes or transcripts will be added to my blog on a weekly basis. I will email my newsletter list weekly.

where can i find transcripts?

The Teacher Career Coach Podcast is released weekly on Thursdays. Any break in production will be announced ahead of time so that you'll be able to anticipate it. 

how often is the show released?

You can subscribe via iTunes and download or stream the episodes on your computer, tablet, or smart phone at any time. Many people use the standard podcast player on their phones to subscribe (Pocket Casts and Stitcher are some alternatives.)

How Can i get new episodes when they are released?

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