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Career Change For Teachers

career change for teachers

Currently working in a toxic school environment, battling teacher burnout, or just realizing that teaching isn’t the right fit for you? A career change for teachers is a valuable option, that not that many talk about. When you are thinking of leaving teaching, it’s common to feel discouraged.

I was in the exact same position a few years ago, looking to transition out of the classroom for any position that would take me (without a pay cut). I was miserable as a teacher, and I knew I couldn’t continue in the same direction for 5 more years, and especially not 20. There are teacher self care strategies that can alleviate the symptoms of burnout, but that can only help so much.

One myth I’ve found is that other careers don’t take teachers seriously. That no other jobs value a teachers’ experience in education. Many teachers worry that they’ll have to start all over again. This is false. A career change for teachers is an option, and if you’re truly miserable like I was, I suggest you start look into it.

Working In Education

Educational companies value teacher’s experience, so one of the smoothest career changes for teachers is to continue to work in education. Teachers often think of Curriculum Writing positions as their only option – but many of the other positions at educational companies can be filled by former teachers as well. Educational companies are often looking for Sales positions, Educational Consultants, and Professional Development Trainers.  

My Personal Experience Working In Education

I left the classroom for a role as an Educational Consultant for a large educational technology company. After that, I was offered a position as an Instructional Designer for another company. Educational companies value your experience because you can support with great insight of how teachers think. You may develop their marketing materials, professional development resources, or pinpoint flaws in their products based on first-hand knowledge. Many educational companies value teachers as SME (Subject Matter Experts). Check out my other articles to learn more lessons I learned after I left teaching.

Advice For Working In Education

When you are looking for companies that work in education spaces, use the following tips to help you locate companies to apply for.

  1. Think of the products you use in your classroom.
  2. Think of other large brands that you are familiar with in education, that you’ve seen at conferences.
  3. Search your hometown with “education companies” to see what are available.
  4. Search phrases like “Top Curriculum companies for K-6” or “Top Ed-tech companies in California”

These companies will be a good place to get started – but there are many more out there! If you can focus your search to an area you are passionate about in the classroom (social studies, project based learning, etc.), you may find yourself even happier in your new position.

Working Outside Of Education

Some careers for teachers are easier transitions and are more natural fits:

  • Instructional Designer
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Implementation Specialists

When working with an HR specialist to develop my The Teacher Career Coach Course, my digital course to walk you through leaving the classroom, I was surprised to learn that many former teachers go into positions as Office Managers as well.

Make a Complete Pivot

It’s possible that you’re looking for a COMPLETE change. In this case, you’ll want to think of the following questions when pinpointing a new career direction.

  1. Pinpoint things that I I enjoy doing Are there jobs that support these passions? (do I enjoy working outdoors? animals? what careers align with these activities or passions?)
  2. What do others often ask me for help in?
  3. Identify any skills that come naturally easy to me. What jobs are specific to these skills?

This is oversimplifying this process – but it’s a great place to get started weeding out what your new career options will be. In The Teacher Career Coach Course, I help walk you through identifying what careers are best fits for you depending on your level of experience and the job postings. I developed my resources with a certified career counselor with 10+ years in HR experience. This expert ensured all of the advice I give is accurate, and will help support a wide variety of personal circumstances.

Getting Started With A Career Change

My best advice is to pinpoint the three jobs you are the most interested in. You’ll want to focus all of your attention on networking, gaining experience, and creating transition resumes for these three positions. You’ll only have a short window of time to find your new job, so you’ll want to have all of your ducks in a row ahead of time. You can even be strategic and earn extra income at the same time while fluffing up your resume through freelancing, becoming a teacherpreneur, or part-time work. If you are still in the classroom, you’ll want to aggressively start applying two months before your teaching contract expires.

I know that this sounds daunting, but I can help you manage all of these steps. If you’re ready to jump and get all of my resources immediately, join The Teacher Career Coach Course today. Check out the Teacher Career Coach reviews to hear what other teachers are saying about this course.