Congrats, you received:

Working Outside of Education- Tech Savvy

Congratulations! You received Work Outside of Education- Tech Savvy! There are many different jobs that you are qualified for in this category because you already have experience training learners, organizing material, and managing projects. You may start looking for a job that allows you to design material and products for a company as an Instructional Designer or E-Learning Designer.

Your experience in implementing technology to improve processes and engagement levels has prepared you for Project Manager and Program Coordinator roles, too. And all of the extra time put in to lead committees, plan events and collaborate with all personality types has made you a great candidate for Sales, Account Manager, and Office Manager jobs, too!

The options are endless in how you can add value to corporate companies with the technical and people skills you gained as a teacher!

Example careers in your bucket:

  • eLearning Designer
  • Technology Trainer
  • IT Manager
  • Implementation Specialist
  • Instructional Designer

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This is just the TIP of the iceberg of new possibilities for you, my friend! There are tons of other options for you.

This is just the TIP of the iceberg of new possibilities for you, my friend! There are tons of other options for you. I have all of the potential careers organized into what I call “career buckets” for teachers, the product of hours of vigorous research, and careful consideration.

With the support of a certified career coach and HR expert, I’ve created six categories to help teachers narrow their search more strategically.

Focus on jobs in the bucket that interests you the most (or all of them if you’re planning to get out ASAP and need to cast a wide net!)

I’ve included all six categories into an eBook called the Career Transition Guide for Teachers. The best part? I’ve lowered the price to only $9 for you if you act now!

Get the Career Transition Guide for Teachers for only $9!

Right now you are probably on the fence if leaving is the right choice for you, so I can help walk you through the factors to consider to answer this question. The Career Transition Guide for Teachers is only $9 (usually $19) and includes all of this great information:

  • The main career buckets that hire teachers without requiring additional degrees.
  • A compiled list of over 40 careers that teachers can transition into.
  • A list of careers for those who are tech-savvy (and a list for those who aren't!)
  • An overview of how to read job descriptions (explained by an HR Expert with 10+ years in the industry!)
  • How to evaluate the risk of leaving a full-time teaching job for the unknown.
  • Example translations from classroom-to-corporate resumes (written by our HR Expert Resume Writer!)
  • Motivational prompts to help you gain the confidence you need to get started.
  • A checklist of everything you'll need to do for your career transition (so you know you aren't missing anything)!

Don't miss this opportunity and grab all of these resources for only $9 (regularly priced at $19)!

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