Starting Dec. 6, we will no longer be sending out weekly job postings to those not in the Teacher Career Coach Course. We have updated the board with 5 new positions, but this will be the last time new roles will be posted there instead of inside our private course community.

While we know this may disappoint those who regularly apply to these roles, we’ve made these changes for two main reasons:

We’ve received a lot of feedback from hiring managers and recruiters that many applicants are applying using the “spray and pray” method. We've brought this up in past emails and teacher career coach podcast episodes, but the percentage of applicants sending in generic resumes has been rapidly increasing.

We want to make sure we are doing as much as we can to help everyone work efficiently, stay motivated, and ultimately hit their goals.

It can be tempting to skip the harder steps, like picking a new path or rewriting your resume. If you’ve been applying with a generic “use this for any job” resume for months (even if it IS translated with corporate words) the lack of responses may start to burn you out or reinforce there’s no reason to put in more effort.

By removing the postings from our weekly emails, we can focus more time and energy on creating content to help you go deeper each week in your career transition. Our biggest goal is to prevent you from burning yourself out by “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.”

Because the Teacher Career Coach Course teaches you step-by-step how to create your resume, we will continue the jobs board inside the course community. If you're already enrolled, sign in to the private community here. But if you’re not ready to join us yet, please know there will still be plenty of free support from our team.

We also know you may have done everything right.

You may have done the hard work by researching roles, upskilling, and rewriting your resume specific to the job you’re applying for. Us promoting positions to an audience this size has made some of them far too competitive (we're looking at you, remote roles).

That is why we’ve created a new article to help you find roles on your own (and other jobs boards we recommend) so you can send in your amazing resume to positions. ​

For the sake of transparency, this decision is also coming from a business standpoint.

While I am on maternity leave, I’m reflecting on how this business operates so our team can continue to support you without burning out. I think everyone in education can relate to wanting to do ALL OF THE THINGS but having to make difficult decisions to keep it sustainable.

Our email list has 100,000 transitioning educators on it. Reiterating #1, this has made some of our job postings far too competitive.

Moving the jobs board into the Teacher Career Coach Course helps us limit the number of questions we receive about each of the job postings. This change clears up time for our team to work on other resources or answer questions specific to the transition process itself.

Lastly, inflation is also a factor in this decision – Apps we use to host content and run our business are also increasing in price (sometimes by 2x or 3x). Moving the Teacher Career Coach Jobs Board onto the platform where we host our private community is one step in cutting extra costs.

In closing, we’re grateful many of you found value in this resource over the past two years. We appreciate you understanding this decision and know it’s not one we made lightly. We thank you for your support and will continue to create content to help you reach your career goals..


1. It’s no longer as helpful as it once was.

2. We need to make this change to streamline our business and cut costs.


CEO of Teacher Career Coach

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We’re closing the Teacher Career Coach Jobs Board

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