Q: Who would be a good fit as a Teacher Career Coach affiliate?  

If the Teacher Career Coach Course has helped you find a new career or if you’re currently enrolled in the Teacher Career Coach Course, you will make a great affiliate because you can speak firsthand to what is and isn’t in the program. If you have left the classroom after taking this program, you likely have many teachers asking you how you did it, in which case you can share the course link. 

You can still sign up for our affiliate program even if you are not enrolled in the Teacher Career Coach Course if you still want to help teachers who are looking to change careers find this program. You can put your link in your Instagram or TikTok bio, blogs, or posts you create. Please pay attention to the rules of Facebook or LinkedIn groups to see if leaving links is permitted before sharing, as rules will vary.   

Q: How much will I make? 

You will earn 30% of each purchase that someone makes after using your link.  

For example, if someone purchases the course at the full price of $179, you earn a commission of $53.70. If someone purchases a transition guide for $9, you will earn $2.70. If someone purchases the course through a payment plan, each time a payment is successfully billed for $49, then you will earn $14.70.  

Please note that if someone uses a coupon code to lower their purchase price, you will make 30% of the lower purchase price. 

Q: How do I get started? 

Fill out our affiliate sign up form. Once that is complete, use the email you received from SamCart to sign into your affiliate dashboard. On your dashboard, you will find your unique Affiliate Links. Share any of those, and if someone makes a purchase after using one of your links, you will earn a commission! 

Q: How do I earn commissions? 

Once you complete sign up, and then sign into your affiliate dashboard, you'll see your unique Affiliate Links. Share any of these links, and if someone makes a purchase after using your link, you will earn a 30% commission. 

For example, you can share your unique link to our free quiz, and our affiliate cookies will track that user and provide you a commission if they end up making a purchase. 

Q: How will I get paid? 

Each transaction has a Pending Commission Period of 30 days. Once the commission period is complete (30 days after the purchase is made), your funds will be available for payout. 

The Teacher Career Coach Team exports available payouts on the 20th of each month. 

You will be paid through a PayPal transfer via the PayPal address you provided at signup. (You can edit your PayPal address at any time by going to the dropdown menu at the top-right of your screen and clicking on Settings.) 

Q: Where can I learn more about what everything on my Affiliate Dashboard means? 

You can read a complete breakdown of the Samcart Affiliate Dashboard here. 

Q: Is there anything else affiliates should know? 

We have the right to deactivate your affiliate account at any time. Do not be dishonest when promoting Teacher Career Coach materials and be honest with the advice you give. We will deactivate any affiliates that are giving misleading or inaccurate information on behalf of Teacher Career Coach.

We know so many have been sharing our resources with others, so we created this program to say thank you!

Our Teacher Career Coach affiliates earn a commission anytime someone they referred to our resources makes a purchase within a certain time frame.  

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