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For Teachers:

Hey! I’m Daphne, a former teacher who left teaching after my worst year in the classroom. I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to start.

If you are reading this message right now, I can assume you are going through a stressful and confusing time in your life. You may be wondering if what you are experiencing is just burn out, if you can make a switch, or if there are even options for your specific situation.

   I was there too. I had my worst ever year teaching with a toxic school climate, terrible work-life balance, and a handful of stress-related illnesses. I was suffering from extreme teacher burnout. To top it all off, I could barely afford my rent even with my Master’s. I finally came to the realization that I had to get out. But what could I do instead?? I spent so many late nights searching the internet with little support. There are so many teachers who end up leaving the classroom, but little to no resources to support them! I personally believe that there is an unfair stigma associated with teachers leaving – even when leaving is the best decision for their mental, physical, and financial health. You can continue to positively impact education in a variety of different ways – through volunteering at local non-profits, donating to fundraising, political campaigns that support teachers…but you can have your life back, as well.

  I first left teaching for a position as an Educational Consultant and am currently working full-time as an Instructional Designer. Teachers have always reached out asking me for career advice, so I knew I needed to do something. My passion is to help you make the right choice for your life. If you can’t imagine being in your career for one more year, five more years, or twenty more years…it’s time to make a change in the right direction today.

  I wanted to build the most robust support system for teachers who have realized that teaching is not their forever career to help save them time and unnecessary stress and confusion. I combined my first-hand knowledge of the pains of leaving teaching, my skills as an Instructional Designer, and the support of a Human Resources Expert with 10+ years in Career Counseling and Resume Writing to develop my materials. I wanted to develop resources for teachers, and something that isn’t as cost-prohibitive as one-on-one career coaching. I created this website, a free newsletter and e-book for teachers, and The Teacher Career Coach Course. Check out the Teacher Career Coach reviews to hear what other teachers are saying about this course.

 Congrats on taking your first step in a new direction!