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– Mikaela L.

 “Being a teacher was my dream career that turned out to be everything I never wanted. It’s an incredibly important job, but it is not for everyone. It took me awhile to have the courage to admit that it wasn’t for me. 

The immense stress and lack of work-life balance led to a steep decline in my mental health and my relationships were suffering. I felt the system was broken and I wouldn’t see any changes for many years. I knew I had to get out before I was too deep. 

I found The Teacher Career Coach Course, and it turned everything around for me. The social media posts and private conversations gave me a safe place to feel heard and validated. The course gave me the tools and confidence to make moves. 

I landed a job as a recruiter for a higher-ed company, paying me more than I was making as a teacher. I love that I can still work in education in some capacity, but I get to turn work off when I check out for the day. I got my life back. I have energy. I am able to be the wife my husband deserves. 

There ARE opportunities for teachers beyond the classroom. Don’t give up.” 

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