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Teacher Burnout

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If you find yourself thinking “I hate teaching” on a regular basis, it’s time to start considering making a change. Unfortunately, too many teachers end up staying in a profession that they no longer are passionate about. If you truly HATE teaching, start considering your other options. I personally left teaching for roles in instructional […]

I Hate Teaching, What Should I Do Next?

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Too Much Teacher Stress Leads to a Mess Being a teacher is tough. With toxic school cultures, lack of support, low pay and overwhelming workloads, it’s no wonder nearly half of all teachers leave the job within the first five years. Many report work stressors as their primary reason for ditching class. According to a […]

Teacher Burnout Causes: Teacher Stress

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Teacher guilt is something that impacts many teachers throughout their career. Teacher guilt can hit you when you want to spend the weekend with your family rather than grading papers. And it hits especially hard when you consider leaving. Teaching can be such a fulfilling career. The feeling that teachers get when a student finally […]

Battling Teacher Guilt About Leaving The Classroom