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Teacher Burnout

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Writing a teacher resignation letter isn’t always fun, but it’s a necessary step as you prepare to leave the classroom. Whether you’re breaking your teacher contract or leaving at the year’s end, you’ll need to submit an official letter of resignation. In many careers, giving your two-week notice is standard practice when you’re leaving your […]

6 Tips for Writing A Teacher Resignation Letter To A Principal.

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Are you thinking about quitting teaching mid-year? If breaking your teaching contract is on your mind, you’re not alone. As it turns out, in some districts, upwards of twenty-five percent of teacher turnover comes from teachers quitting their jobs mid-year. As someone who’s personally helped teachers transition into other roles for years (if you haven’t yet, […]

Quitting Teaching Mid-Year; Is It The Right Choice?

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Stress management for teachers: five ideas you can put into place today to alleviate burnout. Are you feeling stressed, overworked, and overwhelmed? Is work stress creeping into every other part of your life? Or maybe it has taken over completely. Read on for strategies that you can implement today. Workplace burnout may seem like the […]

Stress Management for Teachers: 5 Strategies to Implement TODAY!