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Welcome to the Teacher Career Coach podcast! I’m Daphne Williams. In this episode, I interview Principal Rahh who’s also known as the Revolutionary Principal. He’s built and founded University Pathways Public Service Academy and as a principal, he’s founded one of the most highly regarded schools in the area by both students and parents. Principal […]

EP 04 Principal Rahh: Revolutionizing How Schools Support Teachers

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“I don’t want to go back to school and I can’t afford to take a pay cut or lose my summers off. I just have no idea where to even start looking for jobs that hire teachers.”  How many times have you seen or heard a teacher say something similar? How many times have you thought […]

Ep 02: Getting Started with a Career Change From Teaching

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I’ve created this blog to help you understand how other careers’ pay will compare to your teacher salary. Please note, this is just a general guide. Your Starting Teacher Salary If you have been in the workforce for more than five years, then you should not expect to take an entry-level job or a pay […]

Will I Make More Than My Teacher Salary In A New Position?