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Are you thinking about quitting teaching mid-year? If breaking your teaching contract is on your mind, you’re not alone. As it turns out, in some districts, upwards of twenty-five percent of teacher turnover comes from teachers quitting their jobs mid-year.  Regardless, whether you are thinking of leaving at the start, middle, or end of the […]

Quitting Teaching Mid-Year; Is It The Right Choice?

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In this episode, I talk to Jane Green, a certified holistic health coach and creator of Health Space. She specializes in overcoming stress through mind, movement, and nutrition. By working with Jane, clients are able to identify the root causes of their stress and implement self-care strategies to feel more balanced, energized, grounded, and fulfilled. […]

EP 26 Jane Green: Managing Stress From Teaching

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In this episode of the Teacher Career Coach podcast, I chat with former teacher and current business owner Jason Sizemore. After 21 years serving as a public school teacher and administrator, Jason shifted his focus to another one of his passions: vegan cooking. Follow along as Jason reveals what pushed him to turn his vegan-based […]

EP 23 Jason Sizemore: From Teacher to Vegan Business Owner

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In this episode of The Teacher Career Coach Podcast, I sit down with Andy Rahden, the CEO of Shmoop, a humorous yet effective education platform. Follow along as we discuss everything from the entrepreneurial journey to the educational technology sector. Listen as Andy explains just how valuable former teachers are in the EdTech industry, detailing […]

EP 21 Andy Rahden: Why This CEO Hires Teachers