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Are you thinking about quitting teaching mid-year? If breaking your teaching contract is on your mind, you’re not alone. As it turns out, in some districts, upwards of twenty-five percent of teacher turnover comes from teachers quitting their jobs mid-year.  Regardless, whether you are thinking of leaving at the start, middle, or end of the […]

Quitting Teaching Mid-Year; Is It The Right Choice?

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It can be difficult to make time to focus on personal or professional development when you have a busy schedule. If you’re feeling overwhelmed,  focus on implementing strategies to help you work on your goals more efficiently. Whether considering starting a side hustle or transitioning into a new career, listen to this episode to learn […]

EP 12 Three Steps to Setting and Achieving Your goals

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In this episode, I’m showcasing the career path of one of the most positive teachers I know, John Rodney. John shares his candid stories of low points he’s had in his teaching career and how he’s overcome them. Listen to the episode here! Where to find John: IG: @teachertoteacher Twitter: @john_j_rodney Subscribe on Apple Podcasts […]

EP 08 Mr. John Rodney: Positive Mindsets and Supportive Schools